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Dax Furgeson is a Believable Salesman who Totally Misrepresents and Lies about his Rental Listing and services.

I paid Dax $200 for rental listings in the Billings, Montana area where I was searching to find

a place to live. Dax was very aware where I needed, and what I wanted. In fact that is his first

few questions. He waved a long list ofrental properties from behind his desk, but I couldn't see

them unless I paid $200, CASH ONLY. I Paid, what a big mistake. Should of Googled him before hand. There a many others that have done the same as I. Looked at the list and knew I'd been had. Most of the listings 56% were out of the Billings area. He lied about having access to private landlords, and his listings not being advertised anywhere else. I called many and found, Real Estate company, Property Rental agency, Residential Construction Company (Who were mad I called) even on craigs list, some owners had no idea they were on the list, and were not happy to find out. Dax highlighted 1 property down near the "Bottom of the list" which are suppose to be the newest. I called the number from his driveway. An elderly woman answered and told me the unit had been rented for, "A Long Time Ago". Kicking my own *** for not Checking online about this Decietful company.

I decided to go back to Dax's office and ask Dax about the problems and issues with the list. Well that didn't go very well. So decided to ask for a refund. OMG he started Yelling, " I'm not giving you a Refund, and Get the F**K out of my office", over n over. I truely thought he was going to come across the desk and knock me down. If you don't believe me, I can Prove it..

Bottom line do your own research before your Use Dax Rental Finder. From my personal experience Dax lies, misrepresents his list, has absolutely no Customer Service, just tells you what your Need and Want to hear to get your $200 CASH

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This is in response to the above anonymous complaint. This is Dux411.

COMPLETELY AGREE with you! We DID file a complaint with the BBB...that was a JOKE, too! They did nothing but report they received my complaint and said to click on some icon if you feel this was "resolved". If it were "resolved", we would not have submitted in the first place!

We got a message from this Dax on the BBB website, which was a complete joke, too. He accused me of "screaming and threatening" him on the phone. I did not scream at him, as he would not (as usual) let me get in a word edgewise. The only thing that he apparently perceived as a 'threat' was I told him we were going to report him to the BBB.

Which we did. Dax, if you are reading this (if you aren't too busy looking in Craigslist or the Thrifty Nickel for your exclusive rentals...lol), we did report you to the BBB, therefore, what I said was not a "threat" it was a promise that was fulfilled. I am sad to say, however, we clicked on that we were ok with just saying it was resolved...want to know why? We naively threw away the receipt we got from "Dax", because we knew we'd never get our money back; we knew that's the kind of person this guy-Dax-was and that is before we decided to file with the BBB.

Let me just say, in theory, and in our opinion, this matter WAS NOT resolved. Technically, it was in the BBB's opinion and Dax will brag that he's never had an 'unresolved' issue with the BBB. Wonder how come he gets so darn many complaints, though? Can you answer that, Dax?

That's what I thought. PLEASE, don't EVER, EVER use this guy's so-called service and don't TRUST HIM AT ALL.

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