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I was told by Dax that he had the perfect place for my needs. I went to his office and he went on and on about how he had "Exclusive Rentals" that you can't find in the Billings Gazette or on the internet.

He said that he has landlords that only list with him and that they are usually $200-300 less than from the Gazette. He makes you beleive that you will get your money back easily and get a great place. He also says that his landlords don't charge you application fees or anything else so by paying him you are saving money. Well I paid him and got the list.

I asked for him to point out the one he was talking about and he highlighted 3. There wasn't my perfect place in fact there wasn't anything on the list that would fit my needs. They were all the same price as the Gazette prices (won't make your money back) and they were not in the area I needed. He bold faced lied to me to get my money.

Most of the listings were either apartments (can find by yourself) or listings that had been rented for months. Most of the listing were listed on Craigslist and he pulled them from there. On his phone message he says he has hundreds of listings, that's a lie, most of them were already rented.

I asked him for my money back and he said he doesn't give refunds. I consider myself a smart person but believed he was honest and trustworthy because he has been in business for 30 years.

Well since then have told people around Billings and they have stories of this guy doing this as far back as 20 years.

This is a sad that no one has stopped this crook. Don't be like me, walk away!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I am NOT anonymous, Dax! My husband, Thomas Armour and myself, Pamela Armour, have filed with the BBB.

You are ridiculous. I could go on Craigslist and/or Thrifty Nickel FOR FREE and then charge someone $200 for the "list". I would be called exactly what it is...a scammer and unscrupulous. If you are as intelligent as you say, you should really use your 'intelligence' to make yourself a legitimate business.

I guess it doesn't matter now, huh?

A little late in the game for you to change your ways, I guess. Very sad.


It is funny in your first response you say I am a competitor. In the second post you address me as though you know who I am.

I am not a competitor I am a disgruntled consumer. I most definitely got your phone number off of a list on Craigslist for a 2 bedroom house. There were definitely rentals on your list that were pulled off of Craigslist, I called them and talked to them. There were apartments and listings that had been rented for months that were never listed with Dax.

Everyone that has a complaint against Dax should call the Better Business Bureau. I love how he calls all of us unintelligent!

The reason I am posting here is to warn other renters not to use this service. Good luck to all you renters out there!


:) Check out my website,


There is not one single complaint that isn't anonymously posted. Obviously it's a no brainer that these are bogus complaints, often made by a jealous unscrupulous competitor.

If these were real, I would have several complaints at the Better Business Bureau.

If these people had any legitimate gripes, they would have filed complaints. The fact they haven't proves they are fraudulent.

Anyone with any intelligence ignores complaints made by "anonymous" complainers!


This woman is a terrible liar. First of all, she paid me nothing, period. Her daughter and another girl did. I do not have "mostly apartments" in fact I have very few apartments. Secondly, I have never taken not even one listing from Craig's list since CL is full of *** artists and crooked landlords. Mt rentals are cheaper than those in the Gazette and everyone in Billings knows that.

If I've been doing business all this time, I must be doing something right. The landlords I list for sure seem to think so too.

People like this that don't have the courage to back up their BS wit their actual names are pathetic phonies. Could be they're afraid of a libel suit? Good thought.

Why don't I have any unresolved claims at the BBB? Food for thought.

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