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DO NOT USE DAX RENTAL FINDER IN BILLINGS, MT!!! This guy is a complete joke.

To make a long story short on what he does: he looks up rentals in FREE publications, such as the Thrifty Nickel, then, he charges people $200 CASH ONLY (Any red flags yet?) to give the customer his "list"-that only he supposedly owns-of those very same rentals. He is counting on the fact that not everyone is looking in every publication...he preys on that and lists things that are already free for the public to view; OR, even worse, he has been known to actually make up addresses to put on his list. His selling point is that he can "find" the perfect rental for anyone's needs....and advertises that he has a long list of rentals where pets are welcome. AFTER you hand over his CASH ONLY $200, he hands you a one page, type-written list of homes, most of which had already been rented out months ago.

YOU, the consumer, are required to call all of those people and do all of the work yourself from there. Many rental owners are very upset that they are called, most having told my husband and me that they rented out their property months ago and they demanded to know who was giving out their phone numbers. The "LIST" only contains phone numbers and a scant few details about the rentals. You are required to call all of these people yourself.

'Dax' even tried to charge us an extra $50 for him to email us with new rentals!

He is a total joke and a scam artist. Why hasn't the IRS investigated this guy a long time ago?

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What are all of these complaints about? Dax does not charge either landlords OR renters. Go to hi website and you will find out it's an absolutely free service which is rated Number One by Google.

to renter #890858

Uh, yeah, he does. You obviously haven't had any dealings with this guy.

Sure, you can look at his website for free; that doesn't give you the listings and the help that he promises. Our problem was we had pets and his claim on the website (back then-I wouldn't look at his website now for anything) was that he could help pet owners find the perfect rental for their needs. Ha!

Do your homework, whoever you are.

to Anonymous #890866

Funny how people will make a comment without any first had experience. I tried his service, that is why I posted what my experiences were.

If you call the better business bureau, they will fill you In on way more Negative Info that they cannot post. Why do you think Dax has An "F" rating? The BBB investigates every complaint and make their decisions, they just don't take people's word.

I have an Audio File, that I taped when confronting Dax..

It's is "x" rated. He verbally accosted me and actually threatened me with bodily harm..

He tells you NOT to tell the people you call off his list you found them from his list. I found out why, because I did tell them.

They were extremely pissed. 70% or more in the list were not available! some never!

others rented many months before! and others the Owners wanted Absolutlely nothing to do with Dax..

I need to find a place to post the audio file I have...


Dux please get intouch with me.. We can file small claims together..

I was successful in getting the BBB to downgrade DAX to an "F" rating.. The worst rating given by the BBB.

email me at eagleez2rj at g mail

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