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Buying a list for $199 from Dax is not worth the money. The houses he list are dumps and not worth the rent. I don't think he has ever seen the places he has on his list. He makes it sound like a good deal but you would be better off keeping your money. We found a very nice rental on our own that was a LOT better than any thing he had listed.

The does not charge the landlords anything to have there places listed on his list. You are the person that is paying him. He could charge the landlord for some of his service and not charge the person looking for a place to rent so much.

Buyer beware!



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Ya 200 bucks to look at two already rented complete dumps. *** dax. 100 percent scam


I utilized Dax's service and found a place within 1 day of getting my list. I spent hours scouring Craig's List and the Billings Gazette. I wish I would have just went to Dax in the first place.


Dex Rental Finder is a TOATAL SCAM!!! I fell for his slick Sales Talk..

I have to agree with John Thompson.. I should of checked out Dax before believing his story that he deals with only the owners. That his list of rentals is 1-200 below everything else. His Deposits are way less than the others. I got his list, and starting calling. I found real estate management companies, property rental companies, Construction companiy that yelled at me because they were on the list.. DAX does NOT even know the rentals on the list.. He knew I wanted Billings, and flashed a long list of Current rentals from Billings, from across his desk. Of course I cant see it unless I pay. I did and found out more than half 56% were out of Billings and many were Mobile homes. I called more today, they had know idea who Dax is or why they are on his list. I was wondering why Dax would tell me when I called the rentals from his list to just say when then asked where did I get their info from "A Friend". He even hands you a page, "Tips for making rental appointments", the first line, " When calling landlords it is not necessary or advisable to mention Dax Rental Finder". Now I know why, they get MAD. Learned the hard way, I got yelled out by a HomeBuilder. Others I called today said they are going to call Dax and have their houses Removed from his list because DAX didnt have permission from them. Dax is a Slick Salesman and tells you what you want and need to hear.

****UPDATE**** I went to Dax office today to explain that the list wasnt what he said it was, there wasnt even 1 2br rental avail on his list that I could get ahold of, others never called back from 2 days ago. Either way I asked for a Refund. Well what I got wasn't expected from a Professional Business owner. He started Yelling "Get the F**K out of my office, I thought he was going to come across the dest and knock me down. If anyone wants a to hear him RANT, I have an audio of it..

Do a search on you will find other complaints like mine filed.



I have to thank Dax for helping me get my current place.I have 3 large dog's and a family of 4.

Dax had just listed the place. I was in his office, it was exactly what I was looking for.

$200 and 1 call I was the new proud renter that saves about $150 every month compared to other homes that were comparable.Me and my wife thank him from the bottom of our hearts!


I have to thank Dax for helping me get my current place.I have 3 large dog's and a family of 4.

Dax had just listed the place. I was in his office, it was exactly what I was looking for.

$200 and 1 call I was the new proud renter that saves about $150 every month compared to other homes that were comparable.Me and my wife thank him from the bottom of our hearts!


Thanks for helping us get "the right" place.I paid $199 but I got the home I wanted and I saved $100 a month on the rent, same ad was in the paper for $100 more!

1 year lease equals $1200 hard ones save.Thanks again!


"Wouldn't you like to know" obviously not only with the truth but her spelling as well. Brochure is not spelled brocure and predator is not spelled preditor. Some grammar lessons are also in order for this mentally challenged individual!


Wouldn't you like to know is a disgusting first class liar.She has called me on the phone threatening to make my life a living ***.

She did not ever buy my service in the first place. She has no receipt to prove she did. I had to inform her that I would contact the police if she kept harassing me. Three phone calls represents harassment.

She claims all my testimonials in my brochure are fake.

I have the original signed testimonials to prove she is nothing more than a liar. Perhaps she would like to sign her name next time.

Wanna bet she doesn't?She has obviously heard of libel suits...


All these testimonials are fake that you have on you brocure. You are a preditor. There is a special place in *** for you!


Real Testimonials from Real People With Real Names…

Hey Renters!

Two months my girlfriend and I looked for a comfortable home to rent/ After a while it got [pretty frustrating! So we found Dax through word-of-mouth and settled ina home in as soon as one day. Nine acres, two barns, a nice four bedroom ranch home, all this for just $500 a month and an excellent landlord. Thanks Dax!

Matt Schmalz

Dax, you are the man! We had a house the very same day we came to see you! You made finding a place so much easier and the advice you gave us on where to find appliances really helped too!

Nikki Gingrich

Hi Dax! I wanted to thank you personally for your service and the excellent job your company provides for people in the community needing housing and what you have done for me. This is the second time I have been blessed to find perfect housing through you and I now have a two bedroom, two bath home. God Bless You and Thanks!

Charlie Williams

Thanks for your help in finding us a home! We have pets and did not find any pet rentals in the daily newspaper. We found a ver nice home (with your service) the very first day! Regards,

Scott & Traci Ostland

After four days in a motel we came in and used Dax’s services. Our U-Haul was overdue and we needed a rental immediately. By the next morning we were moving into a wonderful home. Without Dax, we would probably still be looking. We owe him a lot! Thanks Dax!

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Saunier

Thanks to Dax we again found a home in one day…Thanks again and again!

Teresa Pattgow

Thank you for your services. We were able to find a place that even accepted pets. Thank you very much.

Wendy Hoben

Dax, I just want to sing your praises! I don’t know if you’ll remember me but I was in your office about a month ago with Renee Murdock. I was the one that was reluctant to use your service but I finally did. Anyway, we rented one of the Doc’s houses up here in the Heights and couldn’t be more pleased. We couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks, Dax.

Jeff Mattheis & Renee Murdock

Just a short note of appreciation for your help in finding the perfect bachelor pad! And the best bargain imaginable, even with a swimming pool! My friend sure steered me right when they recommended your agency…Again, Thanks!

Wayne Wilcox

I used Dax when I was looking for a new rental, With his list I found as ideal place the very first day.

I would recommend Dax’s service to anyone who wants to streamline their search for the right home.

B. Jensen

Dax, this is the second time I have used your service successfully. Believe me I would not go back a second time if I didn’t feel it was a good service. I have and will continue to recommend it to everyone.

Josh Bledsoe

Dax, I would like to thank you for providing us with the information we needed to find our place. We’re student and having a dog put us in a tough situation. After driving endlessly looking for “For rent” signs, none would accept pets. Finally realizing we were not going to find one in the newspaper we came in and signed up for your services. We appreciate how friendly you were when we called with questions. Well, we found a place with the first list you gave us and are both very happy. PS: Feel free to show this to anyone who is not sure.

Teresa Bower

Dax, thank you so much. Without your help we would never have found a home! We signed a rental agreement the first day!

Teresa Todd

I found a house a few years ago through Dax and was glad to return because I knew I would find what I was looking for again. Thanks, Dax.

Dolores Silva

I found Dax’s rental service the easiest and most convenient way to find a home. I looked at five houses and then rented the one that suited nmy need the best. I was very pleased wit Dax.

Lance Davidson

We used Dax’s rental Finder and successfully rented a nice house in one week. And we were able to do this from out of town before moving to Billings!

Brenda Kirkland

I purchased your rental list on March 13th and by the 14th I found a house perfect for my girlfriend and me. Thank you for providing a useful service.

Mike LaFountain

Dax, thanks for your help. I found a place within a day of using your service and without it, I couldn’t find anything. Thanks a bunch!

Shawn Myers

We came in and got Dax’s rental listings and the next day we moved into a new house!

Emily Umphlett

It was great using your service. I got your listings and was able to find a place within three days.

Ray Wandle

It was quick and easy to find a place to rent. I would recommend Dax to anyone looking for a home.

Jesse Holden

What I want to say is your service helped me find an apartment in just two days and the rent is about $75 less than rents advertised in the paper. I am very grateful your service was available to me.

Bernard Mulder

Dear Dax: We wanted you to know we found the ideal rental through your service. The middle of the winter found us huddled in a motel room and everyone we spoke to said it was virtually impossible to find a rental that allowed pets, let alone three 50 pound pooches! We found your ad in the newspaper, however, and in a few days we settled in a house exactly suited for our needs. And we could not have asked for a nicer landlord. In short, your list was literally an answer to our prayers! Most Sincerely,

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Jeleniewski

I found a home off the first list I got from Dax. I would recommend this service to anyone. Much better than property management companies and no fees!

Michael Vaith

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