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My husband and I fell for the 'Dax Rental' website, as we were looking for a reasonably-priced rental that would allow pets. We should have looked him up more online, such as this website and others that tell what he really is.

My husband spoke with 'Dax' on the phone and was immediately turned off; he said 'Dax' immediately started yakking and would not shut up. All he could talk about were the wonderful rentals that we had "just missed" and how many places he had helped rent out recently. My husband said he wanted to say to 'Dax', "I couldn't care less what you HAVE DONE; What can you DO for us?". The first red flag was when he insisted on the fee of $200 to be paid in CASH ONLY.

What kind of legitimate business insists on cash only these days? 2nd Red Flag Alert, and this is a biggie; When we got to his place, he asked us to NOT MENTION HIS NAME TO ANYONE WE CALLED ABOUT A RENTAL. Well, we should have walked out right then and have since lamented that we did not. He kept this single sheet of paper hidden from us until we handed over his cash.

Then, what we got was...3rd RED FLAG...was a single sheet of paper, with brief descriptions of rentals on them, no addresses, just phone numbers. We were waiting for his "help" for our $200...he knew what we were looking for; we were waiting to hear that he would help us. No. We got a list of homes that were mostly all old listings and already rented.

The owners of the homes were extremely annoyed we called; not at us, they said, but at "whoever was giving out their phone numbers on properties that they had rented out months ago". THIS IS THE 4TH AND LARGEST RED FLAG: The listings on the single sheet of paper? We got suspicious and went and got a FREE Thrifty Nickel Newspaper and the newer listings on 'Dax's' list were copied directly from the Thrifty Nickel!!! We could have gotten a Thrifty Nickel and looked ourselves FOR FREE!!!

This guy is a fast-talking, shifty type and I would not believe one word of any 'glowing' and/or 'positive' comments on his website or elsewhere. I believe they have to be made up. Anyone that thinks this guy is legit? Well, I don't think anyone does, after using his services.


Monetary Loss: $200.

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